Today morning I read that Amitabh Bachchan returned the doctorate degree conferred on him by one of the australian university  as a protest against the recent spate of racial attacks on Indian students studying there.
I applaud his courage and commitment towards India and Indians. Although at this stage of his career, It wouldn’t have made much difference to his stature but still its a great symbolism and inspiration for us to have faith in each other and to be unified irrespective of our differences.
It was really heartning to see 5000 students in the protest march in OZ. Hope their tribe increases and more come out and show their solidarity.

In Britain got more Talent the street Dance group “Diversity” won this year’s show. Itz a huge win as Susan Boyle was almost treated as winner with all the media buzz surrounding her and hollywood stars like Demi Moore rooting for her win. The voting ensured as said by Susan herself “The best team won” .

And finally , summer is back here. we had a very rare, beautiful and sunny weekend. I cannot wait to plan my next family trip.


.. So another great Indian Election came to an end…

Well I was glued to my TV set the whole day, not that I am not on other Saturdays… But at least today I had a good excuse for not changing to One of my daughter’s favourite “Disney Channel”… It was left up to my wife to keep her engaged.. while I could use the remote ..

As it turned out.. UPA is back in Power with Dr Manmohan as PM. As per the news channels, UPA had a clean sweep and this was historic as for the first time an “outsider” [not belonging to Nehru Gandhi clan] was going to become PM twice.. I didn’t know how to react to this.. Happy or am I jus a bit too critical.

Is it really a democratic win when the party which got the mandate is the poorest example of having democracy in its own cadres…

Well ..while my thoughts were still wandering around these ‘intellectual’ [pun intended] thoughts, my wife went gung ho in praise of young Rahul. She remembered his case study on Mrs. Kalawati and his suave mannerisms.. 🙂

Well I was compelled to analyse it again this time trying to rationalise if it was Rahul’s charisma as a politician or just as a person which clicked and influenced the choice of Indian youth …